"Soy lo que soy sin importar lo que tengo. Soy muchas veces, lo que consumo... Soy tambien segun el Ambiente".

M a r i o R u s t o m

M usician, Creator, Producer, self taught Graphic Designer and passionate Photographer. Sound and noise always come together.
Between 1994 and 1996 studies Audio and sound Engineering, at David Lebon´s school. Ever since, he knew what he really wanted to do in his artistic carreer: fusionate sound engineering with acustic live set scene.
Mario Rustom´s melodies are the result of a process of entirely instinctive random compositions and improvisations. His sounds are totally linked to reformulation, reconstruction and composition that define his own style. His sequencers, synthesizers, keyboards, guitar and samplers, redefine each and every one of the notes he plays. He produces with absolute artistic freedom, always challenging and unstructuring his own forms.
His mode of playing is, on one hand 'Live Sessions', where he performs with sequencers, samplers, synths, guitar and keyboards. On the other one, he investigates and develops a 'Live Set'. Here he plays live loops and armonic mixes of his own productions, developing unique sets, played in real time.
Since 1998 he uses his knowledge of multimedia designer to develop audiovisual productions. In 2000, he produces his first solo studio work, the E.P called "Hola". He also takes part in the three first editions of "Festival Buen día", presenting animations of his own. By that time, under de nick "Clark 01", he produces some visual presentations for "Haciendo Cielo", the festival "Código País" and the "Festival de Arte Electrónica", from Chile.
He creares "Proyecto Dínamo", together with Federico López -in guitar. He plays bass, programming and keyboards. Here "Generico en vivo" is born, 2003. This live recorded album, comes from the musicalization of Alejandro Urdapilleta´s theatre play, at the Teatro Español, in Trenque Launquen. There they showed three times, with great success. They also give different shows in many private events, disco bars, and take part in "Bienal del Libro", 2004.
In 2008, he forms "Hoffman y sus amigos". It´s a music project born as a game and a whim: just friends joining to play as a band. They give birth to " Agua" L.P, 2007. At the same time, his inner search leads him to produce and edit "Listo" -2007 and "Tiempo" -2009- In 2010, he starts working on "Led´s" LP, album still in process. He participates with a version of "Egoísta", in Chico Ninguno´s album, "The Remixes". In 2011, creates a remix of Patokai Xp´s track, "Living on Lies", "Sonar" version, and participates in the album "La Vecindad del Electro Vol2", together with other 17 artists, with the original track "Nite Ride".
Since 2006 up to the end of 2012, he is active participating in the local scene with many presentations in shows and events, in La Plata, as well as Capital Federal. He also presents himself with the "Live Set Mode", in different podcasts for national and international radio broadcasts.
About the middle of 2012, he starts to pre produce and compose new tracks. He modifies his way of playing, adding guitars to his set. He dedicates himself to investigate the loop, played in real time.
During 2013, he focuses exclusively to work over the composition and production of his 5th solo album "Ambiente". There are 5 guest musicians: Ariel Marani, Camille Android, El Alma del Hombre Eléctrico, X° and Homer Rustom. It´s now available for free download at his site www.mariorustom.com.
Meanwhile, his restlessness and inner search lead him to carry out a new project, on which he had been thinking over since a long time ago: "Rustom al Subte", SIte Specific 2013. It´s a project specially created to be carried out at the subway. M usic is being composed together with the environment, which gives a deep sense to the whole.
"We can all produce something, we all bring in something".
Mario Rustom

Discografia | Discography

  • "Ambiente" • 2013
  • "Leds" • 2010 • Still in process
  • "Tiempo" • 2009
  • "Listo" • 2007
  • "Agua" • 2007 • Hoffman y sus amigos
  • "Hola" • 2000

R u s t o m a l S u b t e

'Rustom al Subte' • Site Specific 2013. Rustom al Subte is a site specific project specially created to be carried out at the subway. Music is being composed along with the environment, which gives a deep sense to the whole.
Mario Rustom R u s t o m a l S u b t e

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